Consider Installing Vinyl Shake Siding


Vinyl shake siding is a popular choice for many homeowners. It is also known as cedar vinyl siding. The shakes closely resemble wooden shakes. However, vinyl shakes are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) a special type of plastic. Various siding materials are available on the market. This may present a bit of a challenge when you have to make a choice. Vinyl shakes have several advantages over other materials. Below are seven reasons why you should consider the vinyl shake option for your siding.

1. Inexpensive

Vinyl cedar shakes are one of the most affordable siding materials on the market. They make an inexpensive yet effective alternative to wooden shakes. You can achieve your desired style more easily with vinyl as price restrictions need not be a hindrance. The low cost of vinyl siding contributes towards quicker construction due to product availability.

2. Design Flexibility

Whether you prefer gable accents, an old style, brick, or cedar look to your home, it is easy to achieve this with vinyl shake. The product can be custom made to resemble a wide range of wood grains and patterns. The virtually unlimited array of textures and colors also makes it easier to achieve your desired style. Vinyl shakes give you greater flexibility in design.

3. Low Maintenance

Vinyl is one of the lowest maintenance building materials available on the market. You need not stain or paint the siding as is required of cedar shakes. In spite of the minimal maintenance requirements, cedar vinyl can retain its natural wood finish appearance for several years. Fewer seams are involved during installation. This makes it easier to clean and maintain. Vinyl shakes give you the warm natural look of cedar shakes yet with fewer hassles.

4. Bug Resistant

Unlike cedar shakes that get attacked by termites, vinyl shakes are bug resistant. This spares you from the maintenance work and costs that come with bug attacks. It helps to keep overall home maintenance costs down. The bug resistant quality of vinyl also adds to the durability of the siding.

5. Greater Durability

Real cedar shakes have a high susceptibility to flake and rot. This gives them a shorter life span. However, vinyl cedar shakes do not flake, warp, dent, or rot. Vinyl is thicker than wood which gives it added protection against the elements. It has a high resistance to rain, humidity, winds, and temperature fluctuations. This makes cedar vinyl a more cost-effective choice in the long run for many homeowners. It also adds value to your home.

6. Energy Efficient

Vinyl is an excellent insulator, especially when used as siding with a good material to back it. This helps to improve your home’s thermal insulation. More heat will be retained indoors during the winter and cooler air experienced in the summer. The improved energy efficiency helps to keep power costs on the lower side.

7. Eco-Friendly

Vinyl is 100% recyclable. This helps to preserve raw materials and energy used in the manufacture of construction products. It makes it an eco-friendly choice in construction.