Considering A Steel French Door For Added Security

Steel french doors are the perfect alternative to traditional wood doors if you're looking for a door with more security. Many homeowners find that this kind of exterior door is easier to maintain and simple to install in their home. Here are some things to consider before purchasing a steel french door.

Benefits of French Doors

One of the greatest benefits of installing a french door in your home is that it opens your interior space up entirely with light, creating an open feeling. This can be an especially strong benefit for homeowners who enjoy looking out to their backyards or have a beautiful view from their home.

The ability to view what is happening outside from the inside of their home is feature particularly for parents when their children are playing outside. With a french door installed, a parent can be inside doing other activities while keeping an eye on their kids.

Traditional Wood French Doors

Traditional wood french doors have been available for many years. Wood french doors offer a great deal of beauty, but need regular maintenance and present problems that are usually not found with similar steel doors.

One of the largest problems with wood french doors is that with constant exposure to the outside elements, they re prone to warping and are often difficult to keep looking attractive. Many homeowners discover, to their dismay, that it is necessary to reseal and revarnish their wood doors almost every year. This not only results in extreme frustration for homeowners, but an expensive maintenance routine over the years.

Steel French Doors

In contrast to traditional wood french doors, steel french doors are almost maintenance free. They can be purchased primed and ready for new paint or they can be installed with a clean white paint finish. In addition, the only other primary maintenance required is occasional cleaning. If the homeowner desires to change the color of the paint, then it is necessary to either remove the existing paint or apply a new primer coat and then at least two coats of the new paint color.

Another option available with many steel french doors is blinds that are installed between two layers of the glass panes. Blinds are available in cloth, steel mini blinds and wood blinds. For homeowners concerned about privacy with a french door exterior door, the option of privacy blinds in the door solves this problem. Additionally, doors with blinds do not have the problem of needing constant cleaning, since they are encased between sealed layers of glass.

Steel french doors are not only offer relatively maintenance free, but they also offer options that are not available with traditional wood french doors.