Construct a Kitchen Sink Base in 6 Steps

What You'll Need
Plywood pieces (3/4 inch thick)
Shelf - 1 piece 34 X 23
Ends and rails - 5 pieces 2 X 32
Door stile - 1 piece 2 X 21
Cleats - 2 pieces 4 1/2 X 19
End panels - 2 pieces 34 1/2 X 23
Drawer stile - 1 piece 2 X 4 1/2
Toe board and back brace - 2 pieces 4 1/2 X 34
Measuring tape
Wood glue
Corrugated fasteners
1/16-inch drill bit
Measuring square
Variable speed rail
Jigsaw 3d finish nails
Nail set

If you need a new kitchen sink base, building your own can be not only satisfying, but also a money saver.

Step1- Cutout the toe board

On a table, lay out the two 34½ X 23 pieces, long edges touching. Make a mark 4 ½ inches up from where the two panels meet at the bottom. Placing the measuring square on the mark, draw a line towards the edges that are touching. Measure 3 ½ inches from the touching edges and make a mark. Using the measuring square, draw a line a 4 ½ inch long from the mark. Using the jigsaw, cut a 4½ notch out. Repeat on the other end panel.

Step 2 - Attach cleats to end panel

Set the two 4½ X 19 pieces on top of the end panels where the block was cut out, flush with the back part of the end panel, and ¾ of an inch back from the notched edge. Attach them with the nails. Do the same for the other end panel.

Step 3- Attach shelving to end panels and add back brace

Next, take the 34 X 23 piece and drill several 3/8 inch pilot holes starting at the ends of the piece. Standing one end panel on its back edge, glue the shelf to the cleat, securing it with finish nails. Repeat for the second end panel. Using the wood glue, attach one of the toe board and back brace pieces to the front of the cleats, securing it with finish nails.

Step 4 -  Making the frame

Set three of 2 X 32 pieces side by side on the table. Measuring from one end, mark the center of one piece. Measure an inch in each direction from your center, making a mark. Using the measuring square, draw a line across all the wood, using the two marks for reference. Place the remaining 2 X 32 pieces in the table at a 90 degree angle to the first three pieces, forming an L by placing one of the two remaining pieces on top of the other. Use the corrugated fasteners to secure the two pieces together. Making sure that the grain of each piece is going in the same direction, place the 2 X 4 ½ piece in the corner of the two joined pieces.

Position another 2 X 32 against the bottom side if the 2 X 4 ½, securing it with corrugated fasteners. Do the same for another 2 X 32 and then attaching the final piece of 2 X 32 on the other end, securing it with corrugated fasteners.

Step 5 - Attaching the door

Set the 2 X 21 door piece on the center marks that you drew on the 2 X 32 pieces, securing with corrugated fasteners. Repeat for the 2 X 4 ½ piece.

Step 6 - Putting it all together

After putting wood glue on the front edges of the two end panel pieces and the bottom shelf, place the frame on the front of the cabinet. Secure with finish nails. Use the nail set to set the nails. Using wood putty, fill the holes before you sand.