Construct a Thermal Roman Shade

What You'll Need
Reflectix bubble insulation
Needle and thread
Wood battens
Screw eyes
Cord locks
1x2 pine
Tape measure
Screw driver

A thermal roman shade is a great way to be more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and add a decorative touch to your home. Here's how to make a roman shade at home.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the window and figure out if you want to have the shades fit inside or outside the window frame. If you want to do an inside mount, follow the rest of the steps in this article.

Step 2 - Cut the Material

When cutting the material, make sure you cut half an inch extra for stitching. Cut two pieces for a front and back section. You can use any material you want, but canvas drop cloths are a good idea. They cost less than regular fabric and you can dye them any color you want. They are also insulating and darken a room more effectively.

Step 3 - Construct

Place the two pieces of fabric you have cut on top of each other, inside out. Sew three of the sides together like a pillowcase. Turn the fabric right side out and select a strong thread in a color that will hide in the material.

Cut a piece of reflectix that will fit inside the material you have cut and slide it into the shade. Before proceeding to the next step, decide how many folds you want on the back of the shade. You have the choice to space the battens between 6 inches and ten inches across the shade.

This will stabilize the fold. Slip the battens in the material on the backside of the reflectix.

Sew the fourth side of the material closed or leave it open, depending on your preference. Sew the washers to every other batten. Start by sewing the first one on the top and then skip to the next one. It's also important to sew the battens that don't have washers so they stay in place.

Place the washers about 8 inches apart on the shade. Sew the washers to the top of the material. and thread the cord for the bottom portion of the shades through the second set of washers on the first batten. Make sure you leave a little bit of cord so that you can adjust the height.

Tie a piece of cord to each top washer and cut the pine so that it fits your window. Screw them to fit with to the new cord. Move the top cords through the rear screw eyes to the right and move the bottom cords through the front set of screw eyes, moving toward the left. Add the cord locks and mount the shade on the window using screws.

Thermal roman shades are beautiful in a kitchen or family room, and they are not difficult to make on your own. Once you purchase the materials and get started, you can have the shades constructed in a few hours.