Construct Your Own Willow Trellis

What You'll Need
Pruning Shears
Vines (optional)
Willow sections
Sixteen gauge wire
Flat work space
Wire cutters
Measuring tape
Two stakes that have been cut to forty eight inches

When you think of outdoor weddings and special occasions chances are you get a certain image in your head of the bride walking under a willow trellis on the way towards the groom. Willow trellises are easy to make and add a certain amount of pure elegance to any yard or outdoor special activity. This article will cover how to build your own willow trellis:

Step 1 Gather Your material

First gather gather the wood while it is green. Use your loppers for the larger pieces of wood and use your pruning shears for any longer twigs.

Step 2 Use your saplings

Take the saplings that you are going to use no longer than twenty-four hours before you intend to use them. Using saplings with a significant amount of moisture will simply make it easier to weave the saplings into the patterns you want. If you're going to use vines for the wave then you want to use them cut fresh.

Step 3  Gather up your sizes

You want to gather willow in the following lengths: Four six foot sections for your uprights, one eight foot section for your arch and six five foot sections for all of your cross bars. Cut your smaller twigs to use for a fan from the upper part of your rectangular shape. This is how you're going to create your desired arch. Your uprights and your cross bars should be three fourths of an inch to an inch in their diameter, while your arching pieces should be a half an inch to three fourths of an inch. This allows for your bend.

Step 4  Build the upright part

Using your chalk make a grid on the flat work space. Use your measuring tape to measure and create your rectangular pattern.  The pattern that you want will be four feet wide by six feet tall.

Step 5 Lay the uprights

Take the wood that you collected to use for your uprights and place it in the grid that you made. Add your top and cross bar by weaving it together with your sixteen gauge wire.

Step 6 Trim the loose ends

If your trellis still has any sprouts or uneven pieces trim them down because otherwise your trellis isn't going to look as professional as desired.

Step 7 Mount it

If you want people to be able to walk under it you will need to measure its legs and how far apart they are. After you've done your measuring make two holes at the distance that you measured between the legs. After you have the holes put your trellis' legs in the holes. After you've done that replace the dirt. You have just secured your willow trellis. Now, it's just a matter of mounting it to a wall with screw holes.