Constructing a Bathroom Magazine Rack out of Wood

What You'll Need
Circular saw
Wood screws
Tape measure
Carpenters square

You can build a bathroom magazine rack yourself to store newspapers, magazines and catalogs. This is an ideal project for someone who is a beginner in woodwork. You can finish this project in a couple of days and it will enhance the beauty and comfort of your bathroom as well as help you avoid the accumulation of clutter.

Step 1 – Cutting the Wood

Take a 1-by-12 wooden piece and cut 4 pieces measuring 12 inches each. Use glue to attach two of these pieces of wood together and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. These wooden pieces are going to be the edges of your bathroom magazine rack. Mark 7½ inches away from both the left and right sides of the wood. Cut the wood at the marks and now you should have two 12-by-15 wooden boards.

Step 2 – Using the Carpenter’s Square

Use the pencil again to mark 5 inches to the seam’s left and right hand sides of the wood along the edges at the bottom of the boards. Now measure and mark 10 inches along the longer 12-inch edge of the wood. Use a carpenter’s square to connect the markings at the side and the bottom with a line.

Draw another line with the carpenter’s square from the 5-inch mark up to the top. Measure an inch down from the seam and draw another line from the upper 5-inch mark to the edges at the outside of the board.

Step 3 – Sawing and Drilling the Wood

Cut the wood from the 5-inch mark at the bottom to the 10-inch mark at the top of the board. Use this same procedure on all sides of both wooden boards. Use a drill to make a hole in each board. Make sure that each hole has a diameter of ¾ inch and a depth of 3/8 inch. Each hole should be 1 inch under the edges at the wooden board’s top.

Cut the remaining areas of your 1-by-12 wooden board with a circular saw to make two pieces which measure 18 inches each. Cut one of the pieces to a width of 10 inches and cut the other to a width of 6 inches. Keep in mind that the 10-inch piece will be the base of your bathroom magazine rack whereas the 6-inch piece will be the divider. Cut a 1-by-4 board to make eight pieces which measure 19½ by 1¾ inches.

Step 4 – Assembling the Pieces

Fix one side-board to the bottom of the magazine rack with screws. Make sure that the drilled holes are facing the inside. Place the divider piece in the middle onto the bottom piece and fix a screw into the divider through the side-board. Now you have a fixed piece and an unfixed piece. Put the 18½-inch dowel in the hole of the fixed piece. Fix the other unsecured piece to the bottom piece.

Turn over the magazine rack and fix the divider securely. Attach one of the eight 19½-inch pieces flush to each side of the rack, one at the top and one at the bottom. Put the remaining pieces between the others and attach them with screws. Sand the wood to finish.