How to Construct a Bicycle Storage Rack for Your Garage

Bikes hung in a garage.
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Wood beams (see instructions to determine size)
Tape measure
Spirit level

There are several options for a bicycle storage rack out there; the problem is choosing the one suitable bicycle storage rack for you. If you have several bikes then a vertical storage rack might be the best solution for you. This type of rack enables you to line all your bikes up against the wall on their back wheels. If you only have one bike, a simple floor stand might be more suitable, where your back wheel is clamped between two pieces of wood to keep your bicycle up straight. This guide is for a storage rack for two bikes.

Step 1 - Take Bike Measurements

Note down the height and length of each bike, as well as the depth and length of the top bar on each bike for your bicycle storage rack. This will help in the whole construction process.

Step 2 - Find a Suitable Place

Find an empty wall in your garage for the bicycle storage rack. Be sure that it is wider than the length of your longest bike and higher than the combined height of both bikes plus an extra yard.

Step 3 - Position Bike A

To create your bicycle storage rack, draw a line on the wall the same length of the top bar of bike A. The line should be slightly further off the ground than the height of your bike. Ensure this line is straight using a spirit level.

Step 4 - Position Bike B

Draw another straight line for your bicycle storage rack on the wall straight above the other, measuring the same length as the bar on Bike B. This line should be a little higher than the height of the bike if you were to imagine it standing on the first line.

Step 5 - Screw in Brackets

A bracket for the bicycle storage rack will need to be fitted a couple of inches in from the end of each line. Just drill two holes in the wall for each bracket and secure the bracket with screws.

Step 6 - Make the Shelf

Purchase a length of wood the same length as the line you drew on the wall and twice the thickness of the depth of the top bar. Chisel a rectangular groove running the length of the shelf about 1 inch from the edge. The easiest way to do this is to saw halfway through the shelf making train track lines and chiseling out the area in between them by holding the chisel and hammering the end firmly but gently.

Step 7 - Secure the Shelf

In order to secure a shelf, you need to screw a screw from the underside of the bracket, through the bracket and into the underside of the shelf. If you try and wobble the shelf and it does not budge, then your bicycle storage rack is done.

Step 8 - Add Finishing Touches

Lift your bikes onto the bicycle storage rack, so the top bar of the bike fits snuggly into the groove. The rest of the shelf can be used to store your bicycle helmets, bicycle pump, and other things that you need for your bike.

If the shelf is over 26 inches long, then you may want to place a third bracket in the center to prevent the shelf from sagging over time. Now enjoy your bicycle storage rack.