Constructing a Childproof Liquor Cabinet

When planning your liquor cabinet, childproofing is always a good idea to prevent children from getting in. 

Step1 - Recyle

While you could go out and buy all of the wood and supplies to build the cabinet from scratch, a great way to save time and do a bit of recycling is to use a cabinet that has already been constructed. You can buy premade liquor cabinets and simply add a lock, but by purchasing a cabinet that may have been used for something else, you are not only recycling the cabinet, but creating a place to store your alcohol that is unique and stylish.

If you are going for a grand, stately look, an antique armoire is a great choice. Being spacious inside, there will be plenty of space not only for your liquor, but also for wine glasses, beer mugs and decanters. If you are looking for something a bit smaller, a bookcase with doors or a cabinet meant for pantry storage are great options.

Step 2 - Adding shelving and racks 

If you are lucky, the cabinet you choose will already have shelving in it and will be ready to go. If you are using an armoire, though, odds are there may be a shelf or two, but not enough for a liquor cabinet. When adding the shelving, if you will be hanging your wine glasses in the cabinet, leave at least a foot of space from the inside top of the cabinet when putting in your shelves.

Measure from side to side inside the cabinet so you will know what length of shelving to purchase. You will also want to have a bottle or two handy so you can figure out how many shelves can realistically fit into your liquor cabinet. Use the bottles to measure the distance between shelves. You can purchase ready made shelving, or length of wood that can be stained or painted. You can install the shelves using a strong wood glue or dowels.

If you are going to be hanging wine glasses, install the glassware hanging stem rack according to the instructions provided.

Step 3 - Childproofing your liquor cabinet

Installing a mortise lock is the best option for locking a liquor cabinet. It is not only the best for childproofing, but it also offers the best look. You can purchase a mortise lock at any hardware store, and it should be installed according to the instructions provided. Since this type of lock is opened with a key, always make sure that the key is kept somewhere the kids can’t get at it.