Constructing A Secure Driveway Gate

What You'll Need
Treated 2x6's
Treated 2x4's
Galvanized screws
Lag bolts
Circular saw
Tape measure
Masonry bit (if needed)

Constructing a driveway gate is a project that can add a sense of elegance to your home while providing privacy and protection. The situations are all going to be different depending on what your landscaping is like, and whether or not you have a fence installed. For this tutorial, we are going to assume you have a 7-foot fence around your home.

Building Materials

You can make a gate out of any type of material from simple wood, to wrought iron, to metal tubing. No matter which material you choose, though, there are some basic principles that are true for all of them. Again, we are going to assume you are building a basic wooden driveway gate.

Attach Sides of Gate

Depending on the construction of your fence, there are 2 different ways to attach the sides of your gate.

If your fence is concrete: Take a 2x8 and cut it to the same length as the overall fence. Drill holes every 12 inches with the masonry bit. Insert cement anchors and attach 2x8s with lag bolts. These sides are going to act as fastening points for the hinges for your driveway gate.

If your fence is wooden: In the event of a wooden fence, the end fence posts (unless concrete, in which case you would follow the above guide) will not be strong enough to support a gate. You will need to place 6x6 posts at the end of each fence post. Insert posts at least 18 inches in the ground and anchor in ready mix concrete.

Build Gate Frame

Using the 2x6s build the frame to the correct dimensions. Leave about a half inch on each side to allow the gate to swing without binding and for the latch to be secured. Do not allow the gate to sit on the ground either. Leave at least 6 inches of space between the gate and the driveway. Screw together with galvanized screws.

After the frame is built, run another 2x6 through the center of the frame and attach with galvanized screws. Make sure the gate is square by measuring each diagonal. The measurements should be the same.

Attach Risers

The 2x4 risers are going to be the "bars" of your gate. They will act as a deterrent for people to get in and will keep your children from running out. Space these risers at least 1 inch apart.

Attach Hinges and Door Latch

On the top and bottom of one of the sides of the gate you will attach two large barn door hinges. Attach the corresponding side to the fence posts and you can now hang the door. Make sure it sits level.

On the other side you can attach a latch of your choice. Make sure you have access to it from both sides.

Depending on how you want your driveway gate to look you can now paint it, or stain it to the desired look.