Container Gardening with Kids: 4 Tips

Container gardening is a wonderful activity to immerse your children in at a young age: it teaches patience, serenity and an appreciation for the natural world. Not to mention, children are a great help in the garden and it is a bonding experience which affects children for their entire lives; this article gives you four tips which will make container gardening more fun, productive and fulfilling for you and the kids.

Tip Number One: Teach the Children While They Garden:

There is not a better time in one’s life to learn than in childhood. Kids have an unbiased and creative mind waiting to be molded and enriched by anyone who takes the time to acknowledge its existence.
Container gardening with children is an excellent opportunity to teach them why plants need soil, water and sunlight in order to survive. Not to mention, you can teach kids about why you must repot a plant when it has been in a container for too long.
There is an array of knowledge you can bestow upon children when working with them in the garden; knowledge that they will respect and incorporate into other aspects of their lives.

Tip Number Two: Make Gardening Fun:

Allow the children to get their clothing, hands and even their faces dirty while gardening. Often times, children are discouraged from getting themselves dirty despite the fact that it is very appealing and fun for them. Allow the kids to go wild; show them that there are appropriate times to get themselves dirty and gardening is one of them.

Make sure that they’re dressed in appropriate clothing and that your containers are placed over an area that can be marked with dirt and grime. Before you know it, the kids will be giggling at their messy hands and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tip Number Three: Assign Fun and Simple Tasks:

Children find entertainment in nominal tasks that you may find time consuming in the garden such as weeding and watering. Therefore, it makes sense to assign these tasks to children. As long as you make the task sound and seem fun, the children will enjoy carrying them out.
Make sure to positively reinforce the kids by marveling in the amount of weeds they acquire and by telling them that they’re doing a great job. Not only will it boost the child’s self esteem, but it will make them more productive and willing to take on more complicated tasks.

Tip Number Four: Personalize the Experience:

Make the children’s gardening experience more personal by purchasing child size gardening tools and or gloves especially for them. It will give them a sense of purpose and utility; not to mention, these tools will be much easier for the kids to use.

You may also consider allowing the kids to pick out their own containers and special plants to keep in your container garden. Throughout the years, the kids will watch their plants grow and assume responsibility for their special plant. It will attract the kids back to the container garden year after year as they watch the miracle of life take place.