Container Growing for a Yucca Plant

What You'll Need
Heavy plant pot
Potting mix
Moisture tester
Glass or plastic

Yucca comes in several varieties. Some grow into trees while others remain small and appropriate for houseplants. When growing a yucca in a container you need to make sure that it is given the proper care so that it will thrive. Fortunately, this is a relatively hardy plant that can survive even the most inexperienced gardeners.

Heavy Pots are Required

When you select the containers for your yucca plants it is important to look for heavy pots. Yucca plants are heavy and require a lot of water. This makes plastic pots a bad idea. It is recommended that you use a heavy metal pot, such as a brass planter or a copper planter. This type of planter will help protect your floors and furniture from water damage and it will also keep your yucca plant’s root system contained and supported.

Soil Requirements

The yucca requires soil that is well drained. This means that a standard potting mix most likely will not be appropriate. The best option is to create your own potting mix that contains one part perlite and one part potting mix. You can also mix in compost to this mixture to create a one part perlite, one part compost and one part potting soil mixture.


Since your yucca plant will be growing in a container it is going to rely on you for its nutrition. Yucca plants need to be fertilized about once a month. Try to add the fertilizer on the same day each month. This will help you to avoid skipping a feeding.

Sun Requirements for the Yucca

A yucca plant needs a lot of sun. To ensure your indoor yucca plants get enough sun you need to position them in a window that gets southern, western or eastern sun exposure. You need to avoid placing your yucca in a north-facing window as this position has the least amount of light exposure.

Water Requirements for the Yucca

The yucca plant drinks a lot of water. This means that you need to water it regularly. If you are afraid of over or under-watering your yucca, use a moisture tester to determine when to water your plant. If you use a moisture tester you will want to add water to the yucca when the reading is at about 25 percent. Another tool that you can use to monitor the moisture level is a hygrometer.

Repotting Your Yucca

Eventually your yucca plant is going to outgrow its pot. When this occurs you will need to repot it. The best time of year to repot your yucca is in the spring when there is plenty of light and moisture available to help the yucca establish itself in its new container. After you repot your yucca, tent the container with glass or plastic to give it a little extra protection during the root establishment process.