Container Ideas for Aquaponics

If you are like most aquaponics enthusiasts, you are probably conscious about your environmental impact and are naturally interested in ways you can re-used materials.  There are a number of recycled sources you can use for an aquaponic tank, though there are also some important guidelines you will have to consider to avoid problems later on.

Fish Tanks or Terrariums

The most obvious solution is to use a tank made for fish or another animal.  These are constructed as safe creature environments, and as long as it is water tight, even an old re-used tank should be just fine.


Older glass containers is always well-suited for an aquaponic habitat.  Your tank will need to be somewhere between 5 and 20 gallons, so your best bet is probably to head to your local recycling center or junk shop.


Plastic is less expensive than glass and less easily breakable.  It is also, for better or for worse, more readily available in modern life.  If you are using a plastic tank, it is important to seek out food grade plastic, certified for food or drink containers.  Cheaper plastic will leach chemicals into the water, causing health problems for your fish in the short term and your crops later on.  Large water bottles from your local grocery store are probably your best bet for plastic.