Container Salsa Garden Tips

Gardeners with acreage measured in square inches can still enjoy a salsa garden, by growing the key ingredients in a large planter.

Choose Vegetables and Herbs to Grow


For tomatoes, choose small fruits with a high ratio of "meat" to seeds and pulp. These can include the "Brown Berry" grape or cherry tomatoes, and "San Marzano" plum tomatoes. Plant tomatoes from seedlings in a 12-inch planter, to let roots expand. Check daily and water often. Train the tomatoes into a vine support once they stand upright.


Plant green onions with the other vegetables, or on their own in a medium 6-inch pot to avoid flavor transfer. Water them often, and harvest them at 12 inches tall.


Try "Serrano" hot peppers in your container.  They change color as they ripen; green, orange, then red. Up to three times as hot as jalapeno, they are about the same size. Stake Serrano peppers, as vines grow to 3 feet. "Corno di Toro" sweet peppers grow better in tight spaces than bell peppers, with similar flavors and colors.


Grow cilantro from seeds in your planter. This delicious herb is near-foolproof for gardeners of all skill levels.
Wait till after the last frost to plant your container salsa garden outdoors, in full sun.