Controlling Redroot Pigweed

Redroot pigweed is a weed that invades many lawns, but can be kept under control through regular yard maintenance. It is a member of the amaranth family and blooms with white to pale yellow flowers during the summer season. Many homeowners consider this weed an unsightly nuisance when it grows and self-seeds in the lawn, in both dry and moist soil. While there are no biological control agents to keep this weed under control, there are several other means to keep the weed from growing in random spots in your yard.

Herbicides as a Control Agent

Some herbicides can keep redroot pigweed under control. Use a pre-emergent herbicides that will kill the small seedlings before they can grow to be adult plants. Apply per directions on the herbicide container, taking special care if you have children or outdoor pets.

Lawn Mowing as a Control Agent

Because one  redroot pigweed plant carries up to 100,000 seeds—which can easily be dispersed into the soil and spread the following growing season—prevent seed production by regularly mowing the lawn once a week during the summertime. Once an adult plant reseeds, those seeds will remain in the soil up to 30 years and take over the lawn.