Convert a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener to a Screw Drive

garage door opener
What You'll Need
Screw drive garage door opener assembly
Socket set
Phillips head screwdriver
Drill with bits
Tape measure

The screw drive garage door opener works by lifting your garage door via a direct drive, which is a special type of threaded steel rod. This type of lifting mechanism is far simpler and has fewer moving parts than other garage door openers, like the chain drive opener, and hence it is a much quieter, more reliable option that tends to require less maintenance and repair. If you’re currently using a noisy chain drive garage opener that frequently gets stuck and are looking for a change, then read this article on how to convert to the simpler and quieter screw drive garage door opening system.

Step 1 – Assemble the Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Purchase a screw drive garage door opener assembly (Genie is a popular and readily available brand). You will probably need a screw driver and perhaps some nuts and bolts (included in the assembly) to do this. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step 2 – Make Some Measurements

Find out the difference in length between your existing chain driven garage door opener and your new system. Measure your screw drive opener system with your tape measure. Then, go up on your ladder and measure your existing system from the rail-mounting bracket, to the power head mount. Use your pencil to mark the difference in length on the ceiling.

Step 3 – Remove the Old System

Still on your ladder (you may want to have an extra pair of hands holding the ladder steady, in the interests of safety), take your ratchet and remove the bolts from the existing rail mounting bracket. Start with the top bolt, then move to the bottom bolt (remember to leave the nut in place). Remove the existing door opener’s door arm, unplug the power and remove the sensor wires. after disconnecting the power head’s mounting brackets, carefully lift it out of place, descend the ladder and put it on the ground (again, you may need some extra hands here). Remove the rail mounting bracket and place it on the ground as well.

Step 4 – Install the New Door Opening System

If your screw drive garage door opener is a different size from the old opener, then you need to adjust the placement of the power head mount site next. Do so according to the pencil markings that you made in Step two. Install the new rail-mounting bracket that came with your new opening system. The required hardware should have been included in the package. Again, install this part according to the measurements you made earlier.

Step 5 – Install the Opener Itself

The last step of the installation process is to install the door opener assembly onto the rail mounting bracket with bolts, starting with the lower bolt and then the top bolt. Connect the opener to the power head and reconnect the sensor wires. Connect the door arm to the new opener. Finally, plug the opener in.

Step 6 – Testing

Now, test your new garage door opener to make sure it works before you pack your tools away!