Convert a Gas Clothes Dryer to Propane

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  • 2 hours
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What You'll Need
Propane Orifice kit
What You'll Need
Propane Orifice kit

To convert a gas clothes dryer to propane is really quite easy. You just need to convert the regulator and then replace the orifice. There should be brand-specific instructions included in a conversion kit. You can buy a kit at a local appliance parts store. Here are the steps to convert a gas clothes dryer to a propane dryer.

Step 1 - Find the Burner Compartment

Start by finding the burner compartment on the gas clothes dryer. On most models, there is a small access door on the lower right-hand side. Remove the access panels.

On some brands, it is the left side. On others, the entire front panel will be removed. There will be a couple of screws on some models, while on others there will be no screws. You will have to have a close look at your dryer to determine where the compartment is located.

Step 2 - Look for Gas Control Valve

The inside of a dryer.

After you remove the access door, look to the right side for the gas control valve. It will be a small gas shut off valve, located right on the gas supply pipe. Turn the lever across the pipe. This turns off the gas.

On top of the gas control valve, you’ll see a wire. Unplug the quick connects. Now loosen the hex nut and remove it from the control valve. The hex nut will have a reverse thread, which means to tighten it you'll need to turn it counter-clockwise, and to loosen it you'll turn it clockwise.

Once you have the pipe off, you’ll see some sheet metal screws that are holding the plate down that the control is mounted to. Take these screws out.

Step 3 - Remover the Burner from the Gas Clothes Dryer

You need to remove the burner just enough so as to keep the wires attached to the flame sensor on the gas clothes dryer. This attaches the burner to the shroud cover. You will see the wire quick disconnect. Unplug the wires.

Step 4 - Replace the Orifice on the Gas Clothes Dryeρr

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Now remove the complete burner assembly. In the burner nozzle, you will see a brass or bronze orifice.

You can find the BTU on the manufacturer plate, along with the serial number and the model. For the most part, a gas clothes dryer is 18,000 to 22,000 BTUs. You need to install the appropriate LP orifice for that rating.

Step 5 - Turn the Tower Caps Over on the Gas Clothes Dryer

When you turn the tower cap over it converts the regulator. The side of the cap that faces you tells you the fuel type it is set up to use. Right now it will be marked N or NAT for natural gas. When you remove the cap on top of the tower and turn it over to reinstall it, it should be marked L or LP for propane.

Power back on, pilot lit, and you’re gas clothes dryer is now propane.