Convert a Room Into a Gun Safe

Having a gun safe is a good way to keep firearms safe and out of the reach of children. A gun safe stores a collector's guns and keeps them in a fine display. Building a gun safe out of an existing interior room provides you with a way to maintain your gun collection and keep it out of the wrong hands.

Locate a Room

It is best to use an interior room that has no windows to convert as your gun safe. Remove the windows to eliminate any indication that the room is housing guns. This reduces any risk of theft or burglary from occurring.

Install Locks and a Security System
Install heavy-duty locks and deadbolts in the room and a safe door to complete the conversion. Shelves can be placed on the walls with a locking cabinet to house certain rare collectibles and other guns that are antiques. You should have an alarm system installed and armed to warn you of any intruders or unauthorized entrances into the gun safe.

Ventilation and Humidity

Install a ventilation system with a dehumidifier in order to keep the room at a constant temperature. The dehumidifier will keep the air at an appropriate level and prevent it from becoming to dry or causing any of the guns to prematurely age.