Convert an Old Closet Door into a New Framed Mirror

What You'll Need
Old Closet Door, hardware removed
Sand Paper
Paint color of your choice
16 x 60 beveled wall mirror
Cheese cloth
Clear fast setting epoxy
Painters tape
Decorative elements
5 Coat hooks or decorative knobs to coordinate with paint and dcor

A framed mirror will enhance the décor of any room. By using an old closet door, you can convert it into a framed mirror that will make you the envy of even the savviest decorator. The steps are simple and the possibilities endless in this DIY project.

The first thing you need to do is to sand the surface of the door to remove the finish or paint. When you have the paint or finish removed, wipe with cheese cloth to help remove all dust and particles from the door. Next, paint the door the desired color. Be sure to paint all of the sides and edges. Allow door to dry completely.

After the door has dried, position the door on its back with the door knob hole at the top (the door should be lying long ways on the floor or working surface). Then, glue the mirror to the door using the epoxy. Position the mirror so that it covers the hole from the door knob, leaving about 1”-2” of the door framing the top and 4”-6” framing the bottom of the mirror. Tape the mirror with the painters tape from top to bottom to hold in place. Allow the epoxy to cure for the time notated on the package or at least 24 hours.

Once the epoxy has cured, it is now time to add the decorative elements. Attach the 5 coat hooks across the bottom 4”-6” of the door, under the mirror. Depending on your décor for the room you plan to use the mirror in, use the epoxy to attach elements to make your framed mirror one of a kind.

If you have a rustic theme, use rustic coat hooks, barbed wire and horse shoes for decorative elements. Then, hang the mirror over your couch, in the entry way or hallway of your home. Maybe you plan on using your mirror in the bathroom, use seaside pastels or nautical colors and accent with white hooks, lighthouses, and sea gulls. Hang your bathroom mirror on the wall opposite the vanity.

For children’s rooms, this framed mirror is the perfect element to tie everything together. In a boy’s room, paint to match the décor and use sports themed decorative elements. Hang a baseball glove and cap from the coat hooks. For a room fit for a princess, pinks and purples decorated with tiaras and feather boas are the key. Hang a pair of ballet slippers from the coat hooks.

After your personal design is complete and cured, attach heavy duty picture hardware to the back of the door and hang.