Convert an Ordinary Coffee Table Into a Man Cave Must-Have

A checker board on a cool coffee table.

The coffee table in a man cave can’t be an ordinary coffee table. It’s got to have the right kind of storage and functionality to hold the whole room together. Put your DIY skills to good use to create the perfect anchor for your man cave.

Picking the Perfect Table

Convert an Ordinary Coffee Table into a Man Cave Must-Have, Juhan Sonin

By its very definition, a man cave is a rugged place. So the coffee table you use doesn’t have to be the nicest – in fact, it definitely shouldn’t. Find a secondhand coffee table at a thrift shop, or re-purpose a dining room table to create your new man cave accessory. On four legs, even an old door can become a great coffee table. You want something that will fit in your space, and something made of wood. You’ll need to cut and drill into the table, so this is important.

Remote Storage

No man cave is complete without a TV, right? And if you’ve got a TV, you probably also have cable or satellite. And maybe a DVD player, or a gaming console that plays Blu-rays. All that adds up to a whole lot of remotes. So what you really need is a place to put them all.

Convert an Ordinary Coffee Table into a Man Cave Must-Have, Kelly Sikkema, remotes

Find a basket or small plastic storage bin that’s big enough to hold all your remote controls. The container should have a small lip around the edge; you’ll find out why in a moment. Measure the container on all sides just beneath this lip and make a note of each measurement.

Using a ruler and chalk, mark out a square on the top of the coffee table that meets these measurements. The square can be anywhere, but you want to place it somewhere you can reach it easily from the couch. Use a jigsaw to cut out the square, going all the way through the table. Remove all wood and drop your storage container down inside. Now, you’ve got an easy place to put all the remotes! The storage hole can still be covered with a gaming board, a serving tray or a pizza box when you need the table space.

Beer Can Holders

In any real man cave, someone’s going to drink a beer sometime. That means you need holders for your beer cans and bottles. Now, you can easily buy some of those plastic cup holders, hang them off the side of the coffee table and nail them into place. But let’s be honest - don’t you need something sturdier than that?

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So here’s what you do: get some large tin cans, a handful of nails and some copper wire. Cut the tops of the cans off cleanly and file them down to create a smooth edge. Clean the cans out with disinfectant (to remove any smell) and place your favorite coozie down inside if you like. Wrap the copper wire firmly around the top of the can, making several rings around it. Curve the top of the wire and place a small loop at the end. Now the wire can be nailed or screwed right onto the edge of the table. Your can holders hang right off the side so you won’t even lose any table space.

Video Game Holsters

What’s a man cave without a little gaming? The trouble with gaming is the controllers that go with it. Instead of fighting cords and controllers that are bunched up in a drawer somewhere, make holsters for them so they can be stored on your man cave coffee table easily. All you really need is heavy-duty screw hooks.

Convert an Ordinary Coffee Table into a Man Cave Must-Have, game controllers, gregsdumbflickr

Choose one edge of the table and screw the hooks to the underside, about 1 inch from the edge. Wrap the cords around each controller, creating a small loop of cord at the top. Secure with zip ties if needed, and hang your devices right off the edge of the table from the hooks so they’re within easy reach.

Build Your Own Game Board

Complete your man cave by adding a DIY gaming board to the table. A standard chess or checker board measures 16 by 16 inches. It’s made up of 64 squares, each about 2 inches square. Build your board out of MDF or plywood, which can be affordably obtained. Sand down the wood completely before drawing out the lines using a marker and ruler. Paint inside every other square to create the right look. Cover the other side of the board in felt, which can be found at any craft shop, to play dice and card games on the board as well.

Build a Better Man Cave

Make your man cave not just a place to hide, but a place to enjoy. Use your skills to transform your coffee table into a multi-function area that’s built to entertain and build a better man cave.