How to Convert Hinged Medicine Cabinet Doors to Sliding Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Doors

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What You'll Need
Sliding doors
Sliding door tracks
Tape measure

Converting an old medicine cabinet into a mirrored medicine cabinet can add functionality and appeal to any bathroom. Without the need to buy and install a brand new cabinet, you can simply replace the doors of your existing cabinet with sliding mirrored doors. The new door will create the look and feel of a new cabinet with only a fraction of the work required.

Step 1 - Remove Hinged Doors

Remove the existing doors from the cabinet. Use your screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws attaching the door to the hinges on the exterior of the cabinet.

Step 2 - Remove Brackets

After removing the cabinet doors, you also need to remove the hinge brackets. The brackets should be secured to the cabinet with screws. Remove the attaching bracket screws from the cabinet and then remove the brackets.

Step 3 - Measure for Tracks

Install the tracks on the cabinet for the sliding doors. The top track and bottom track need to align exactly and the face of the cabinet in order for the doors to slide smoothly. Align your tape measure to the far left hand side of the cabinet and measure 1-inch inward from the opening of the cabinet. Make a mark at this point.

Move the tape measure to the middle of the cabinet and make another mark 1-inch inward from the opening of the cabinet. Repeat this step for the far right side of the cabinet. Now draw a straight line connecting the 1-inch marks to create a placement line for the bottom track. Repeat these steps for the top of the cabinet as well.

Step 4 - Install the Tracks

Now that you have your track lines marked, you are ready to install the tracks. The tracks should have come with installation screws. Lay the backside of the bottom track even with the track line you created in the bottom of the cabinet. This line ensures that your track remains aligned and even. Using the included screws, attach the bottom track to the cabinet. Repeat this step for installing the top track into the top of the cabinet.

Step 5 - Install the Doors

You are ready to install the sliding door into the tracks. This task is easiest to accomplish if you have removed the shelves from inside the cabinet first. Insert the top of the first sliding doors into the bottom track, then maneuver the top of the door backwards into the cabinet.

As you pull the top of the sliding door forward to straighten it, you should be able to fit the top of the door into the top track. Check the door by sliding it once or twice. Repeat this step with the second door. Reinsert the shelves once both doors are attached and sliding properly.