Convert Single Shades into Double Roman Shades

Double Roman shades are an elegant and sophisticated way to brighten an aging room. Adding Roman blinds can help to create an airy and fresh feel to a room that has a number of items of furniture. Double Roman shades allow you to control the amount of light which enters a room, while also maintaining privacy, and ensuring that carpets and sofas do not become faded by harsh sunlight. Double Roman shades have an advantage over single shades by offering a second, permanent shade that is either sheer or transparent. The first shade can be lifted and lowered as the season demands, but the second shade ensures that the harshest light never reaches the home. In addition, a second shade can help to keep the room cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. Converting a single blind into double roman shades is one way to ensure that you get the full benefits of having blinds in a room.

Converting to a Double Roman Shade

The first consideration when converting a single shade into double roman shades is what kind of shade you already have. A shade made of heavy, thick fabric will not work as the first part of the shade, which does not usually lift. This may be suitable for the second part of the shade, but consider whether the single shade is older or worn - it might be best just to throw it away.

The first thing to do is to remove the single shade from the mount, and install a light fabric back shade. Double Roman shades typically have a back shade which is sheer or translucent - this can be left down throughout the day, preventing passers by from seeing into the room. The lifting attachment can be installed into the wall above the window, in the area where the single blind was.

Take the single blind, and if you are using it, unfold it to its full length. Leaving a foot or so gap at the bottom, fold the shade into one-inch pleats. Sew hook tape at either side of the pleats, so that there is one hook for every 6 inches or so of material. Add doweling rods to the folds, and sew these in - those more confident in their do-it-yourself abilities may wish to use shade lining to create pockets, and put the doweling rods into those, but however you choose to do it, ensure that the rods are attached securely to the blinds.

If the single blind is tatty or damaged in any way, dispose of it, and purchase a new Roman blind. Double Roman shades are intended to add elegance to a room, so they should be in good condition. Once the blind is ready, check that it lifts correctly, and then attach it above the sheer screen, so that the internal blind falls in front of the back blind - take care that the two pulleys do not become tangled. Screw the inner blind to the wall, and check that both blinds can be activated without problems.