Convert Your 3-Car Garage

a framed wall in a garage with a white door

Many people have a great deal of unused space in their garage, especially if they have a 3-car garage. There are also people that have a garage and never use it to park their car in. If you are a homeowner with a 3-car garage, you have a lot more flexibility than most people. You could convert two thirds of your garage and still have room for your car. One great idea for a 3-car garage is to turn it into a bedroom. There are some simple steps for converting your garage into a bedroom.

Conversion Process

Step 1 - Remove the garage door.

Step 2 - Build a new wall where the garage door was taken out.

Step 3 - Insulate the outer walls.

Step 4 - Make a closet by building a frame in the room.

Step 5 - Take out any garage lights, and replace them with lighting that is meant for the inside of a house.

Step 6 - Finish the walls of the room with drywall.

Step 7 - Decide if you want to replace the door that connected the house to the garage with an interior door that will match the rest of the house.

Step 8 - Decide on a color and paint the room.

Step 9 - Pick out the flooring that you would like to have in the room and install it.

After following these steps, you will have a new bedroom and additional space in your home.