Convert Your Storage Room Into a Guest Room

If you are in the situation of feeling some tight family quarters, you may want to consider converting your storage space into a guest room. It is always true that adding square footage of living space will add value to your home. Additionally, since this is a room that is already present in your home, the disruption will be minimal. You won't need to dig up the floor and lay another foundation.   

Most likely, you will need to do some cleaning of the floor prior to putting down any new flooring. You will want to be careful of fumes in the cleansers you use.  
Permits and Tools

With construction projects in your home, you need to make sure you do things to code. This will save you some headaches when it comes time to sell your home. Along with the permit, you will need:

    * a framing hammer
    * two by fours
    * drywall
    * nails
    * paint

Step 1 - Clean Out the Storage Room

Start by cleaning out your storage space. It will be difficult to do your construction if trying to work around things. You may want to look into inexpensive modular storage units that can fit nicely in your back yard or by the side of the house.

Step 2 - Clean the Floor

Once the room is clear, you will want to use a strong cleaner on the floor. Without this step, the floor will not be ready for carpet, tile or a wood floor.

Step 3 - Drywall

Some storage rooms have 2x4's that are exposed. In this case, all you need to do is apply the drywall to them directly. Make sure you cut the drywall where you want electrical outlets or perhaps a phone line.

Step 4 - Insulation

It is up to you how much insulating you should do. Exterior walls should definitely get it if they don't already have it. If you would like your guest room to have added privacy and a little better energy rating, you will want to insulate the interior walls as well. 

Step 5 - Add a Closet

Most likely your storage room was not originally built with an internal closet. It won't be difficult to frame in a small closet to complete the room and give it status as a bedroom (in the overall room count).

Step 6 - Electricity

Do not forget to string electrical cable through the roof joists before attaching the drywall to the ceiling. If you know you want to have a special table for a guest book with a flower display, you might even consider a special spot dedicated to the table.

Step 7 - Paint

Painting will be one of the finishing touches for your new guest room. Once you have applied the primer, two coats of the wall paint of your choice will nearly have the room complete.  

Step 8 - Add a Floor

If your storage room has a concrete floor, there are a number of options for you. Some concrete can be treated to look aged or given an industrial look with a shiny finish. Certainly, you may also want to go a more traditional route and lay carpet or install a wood floor.  

Now that you have completed your project, it is time to move the furniture into the room and enjoy the new addition to your home.