Converting A Lawn Mower Into A Generator

What You'll Need
Lawn mower
Car Battery
Electrical Wires
Industrial V Belt (A type)
Cast Iron Pulley
Metal Brackets

You may not know it, but your lawn mower can be converted into a generator that will provide auxiliary power to your home during an emergency. This conversion, which can be handled by most do-it-yourselfers, is accomplished by repurposing the motor and adding an additional power unit.

Here are a few steps along with the materials that are necessary to convert your lawnmower into a generator. For installation of the generator for a permanent or auxiliary use, first determine where you will house the generator and install it accordingly.

Step 1: Remove the Lawnmower Engine

Remove the lawnmower engine from lawnmower housing. Detach all bolts and screws that hold the motor in place and detach the shaft from the lawnmower base. Use soap and water to remove any grass clippings and other debris that has built up underneath the motor.

Replace any spark plugs or other engine parts that have become worn. This will prepare the lawnmower engine for use as a generator. Temporarily remove the gasoline tank and fuel line from the lawnmower engine and empty the contents of the tank. Blow the gas line clean and clean up any excess gasoline that has dripped out.

Step 2: Mount the Alternator

Cut slots into the back of the mower engine. Use a carbide saw blade and a circular saw to make the cuts. The slots will be used to attach the mounts for the alternator. The alternator regulates the current for the generator and enables its operation. It can be purchased at an auto parts store or a junkyard.

Place the alternator into the slots that you cut in the back of the engine. Use a couple of metal brackets to mount the alternator. It should clear the fan blade on the mower’s engine. Be sure that the alternator is mounted properly and fits securely into the slots so that it operates properly when the generator is on.

Step 3: Attach a Pulley to the Motor

Turn the lawnmower engine over to attach a motor pulley. This should be placed near the fan blade on the lawnmower engine. Place an A- type industrial V belt on the pulley and fan blade. You will need to wire the lawnmower motor to the alternator and attach it to a car battery. This will provide the necessary power in order for the generator to work.

Step 4: Test the Generator

Test the generator by starting it to see if it is working properly. Make any necessary adjustments and repairs and test your connections again to ensure a proper fit before completing the assembly of your generator. Complete the connections and the lawnmower engine is now a working generator.