Converting an Old Room to a Sunroom

Sunroom conversion kits are available at many major hardware stores. They make it easy to convert an old room into a sunroom without the need for additional ground space, or the extra expense of pouring footers and foundations. These kits are excellent for converting a porch or storage room into a brightly lit patio, especially rooms that have at least two exterior walls.

Remove Interior and Exterior Siding

To create a sunroom, you will have to remove the exterior siding. You can reduce material costs by keeping the lower half of the walls and only converting the upper portion. Do the same for the interior walls. Inspect the exposed studs carefully to be sure they are in good condition. Some kits will completely replace the existing studs, but others can be installed on existing walls.

Basic Construction Tips

Each panel of a solarium is basically a window, and is installed exactly the same way that windows are installed. Many kits supply the necessary frames and mounting hardware, while others give you a list of items that will be required. Begin at one corner and work around the building, either working from left to right, or from right to left, but not alternating between the two.

Why Convert a Sunroom?

Converting to a glass sun room opens up the front porch and makes it more inviting. It also make an excellent transition from the home onto a patio. You may even want to consider building a pergola to complement the sunroom, perhaps adorned with wisteria or even grape vines.