Converting an Outdoor Porch to a Mudroom

  • 10 hours
  • Beginner
  • 650
What You'll Need
Outdoor porch

If you are a keen gardener or have children, or even an adult, who enjoys muddy sports, you might want to consider converting your outdoor porch into a mudroom. A mudroom is a perfect place to take off dirty wellington boots or place gardening gear. It can also be the perfect solution to avoiding tracking mud throughout the house, while still being able to take off any dirty garments inside. To convert your porch into a mudroom, you will need some spare time (about a day) and a few home improvement tools which you should already have on hand. Follow a few simple instructions, and you should get this project completed quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Lay Out Your Mudroom

You first need to layout the area of your mudroom. If there is likely to be more than one family member in the room at any one time, you will need to make it big enough for both to move around without bumping into each other. You may need a size of 30 or more square feet or more in order to get the mudroom to a suitable size. You should then make a plan of the mudroom which includes where coat racks and furniture will be placed.

Step 2 - Lay the Floor

Choose a type of flooring that is waterproof and that can withstand heavy wear. Place your tiles onto the floor in the area where you want the mudroom. You should lay the tiles as you would with any other part of the home, making sure that they are all even, and cutting down tiles if necessary to cover the entire surface of the mudroom. Add caulking between the tiles, and around the side of the room, and then leave to dry for a few hours.

Step 3 - Add a Bench

You will then need to add a bench or other suitable counter with a shelf where you can place the shoes. This will provide somewhere for your dirty shoes to go, but also allow you to keep dry, clean shoes there while you are busy in the garden. Get three long pieces of wood, and lay them face-down side by side. Then take three short pieces and place them across the three longer pieces, and screw them down, one at either end of the wood, and the other in the middle. Sand all of the pieces of wood down.

Step 4 - Paint the Room

You should now be ready to paint the sides of the room so that you can clearly see where the shape of the mudroom is. Get a color which is different from that used in nearby rooms, and use a paintbrush to cover the walls. You should now have a finished mudroom. Leave the paint to dry, and then add any coat hooks or cupboards as you desire.