Converting Your Garage into a High-End Home Office

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  • 8-24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1,000-3,500

With gas prices constantly going up and down, and the commute back and forth from the office being so inconvenient for some, more and more people are looking into options for working from home. However, working from home and not having an actual office is hard to do and it takes serious discipline. So the question then is, how do you work from home without a home office? The answer is you build one yourself, Of course. The square footage in your home doesn’t just increase at your wish, so the next best thing is to convert your garage space into a plush office space. Most of the time, garages are simply used as a giant storage box that holds holiday decorations that we pull out once a year - and other times they are vacant and NOT utilized to their fullest potential.

Get Creative/Add Lighting

When converting a garage space into a home office, you should be as creative as possible – and a garage allows you to do so (view it as a blank canvas). Most garages are dark, so your first step should be making sure you have the proper lighting in your garage/office. I strongly recommend buying some cost-efficient lighting fixtures if your garages don’t get direct sunlight radiating through during office hours. A creative way to add light to your office is to paint your garage/office with bright colors and/or light colored designs. This alone adds a colorful and uplifting mood to your office.

Make It Comfortable for Yourself and Your Employees

Next, you should take the necessary steps to make sure that your office is comfortable for you, your employees, or any customers or clients that may visit you there. That means insulating exterior walls and putting up drywall if you have exposed studs. Depending on your location, summers get too hot and winters get too cold – and garages intensifies both. Keeping this in mind, you definitely want to make sure that you wire your house to allow you to control the temperature in your garage. If wiring is too expensive or inconvenient for you, look into buying space heaters to keep you warm throughout the winter months, and air conditioners and fans to keep you cool during the hotter months.

Converting Your Garage into a High-End Home Office

Make It an Original Space

When running a business from your home, you should really take any steps to make it original. Add some décor to the garage. One good way to do this is change the floors – get some wood floors installed. If you want to keep a garage/construction look, get a highly durable yet aesthetically appealing concrete floor finish. Other things that you can do when converting your garage into a home office include adding portraits or art on the wall, a colorful couch or neon-colored pillows, or even some festive rugs.

Stay Connected

Please make sure that all of your connections are secure and ready for business. For example, you should make sure that your Internet router covers your entire home – not just the inside or a certain room. Also, when putting new equipment in your garage/office (such as computers, fans, printers, telephones, etc.) make sure you look into different organizers that group all of your wires together to keep your newly-converted office nice and neat.