Convex vs Regular Rear View Mirror

When you are deciding whether to fit a convex or regular rear view mirror you should consider how they both work and how you use the mirror. This guide weighs the options to help you make this decision.

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors bulge outward towards the light. When you look at the mirror, it will curve towards you. The peripheral images are pulled together to show what is at the edge of your vision.

Pros of a Convex Mirror

When you are using your rear view mirror it will give you a greater field of view as everything you see is scaled down. This means that any blind spots will be reduced; this is particularly useful if you are on a freeway. If you are parking your vehicle then a convex mirror will enable you to see better if there are any obstructions, for instance poles or high curbs.

Cons of a Convex Mirror

The warning label on a convex rear view mirrors often says “objects in this mirror are closer than they appear”. This means that you do not have a true picture of the image that is behind you. You will need to be very cautious when making any manuvers, particularly when changing lanes. Although a convex mirror will help you see any obstacles when you are parking, the downside is that they are closer than they seem. This raises the odds of scraping or damaging your vehicle.

Regular Rear View Mirrors

A regular rear view mirror has a simple design, but can be tilted in order to reflect the sun’s glaze effectively. With a flat surface, they will give you a true picture of what is behind you.

Pros of a Regular Rear View Mirror

The Regular rear view mirror will not distort the image that you see. This will make judging overtaking and passing mauverers much easier when on the road or the freeway. This type of mirror will also give you an accurate view of obstacles when you’re parking without distorting the image.

Cons of a Regular Rear View Mirror

The regular rear view mirror won’t give you such a wide visual range as the convex mirror. This means that you won’t be able to use it to get over any blind spots that you might have in your vehicle, particularly if it is an SUV or a large 4x4. They are also harder to use if you want to see what is going on in the back of the car if you are transporting passengers.

Which Mirror to Choose

You should consider the type of vehicle that the mirror is for when you are deciding which to install. If you have particular blind spots, you may find a convex mirror is best. However be aware that the image you see using a convex mirror is distorted.

You may also be considering the cost of the mirrors. A basic rear view mirror will generally be cheaper than a convex one, however they now come with many features including photo sensors which will automatically dim the mirror according to the light.