Coping Saw Safety Tips

A coping saw is a sharp cutting tool designed to be used in specific situations. The utmost care should be taken when using this type of saw to prevent  injury. 

General Safety

Protective eye wear should always be worn when using a coping saw. Any material that you plan on cutting with a coping saw should be secured to a stable surface with a clamp. The blade should be properly installed. The coping saw should cut the material as the saw is being moved upward. When using the saw, keep your hands safe. The hand that is not holding the saw should be kept away as far away as possible from the cutting area. Always keep the floor to your work space clean to enable a good footing while you are working.

Material Being Cut

A coping saw should always be used properly. It is designed for cutting thin material such as trim work. It should not be used on any material more than an inch in thickness.


Be sure to replace a dull blade as soon as possible. A dull blade can cause more injury than a sharp one because you will be applying more force to work through the material you are cutting.