Corded versus Cordless Tools: Everything You Should Know

While early cordless tools were inferior to their wired counterparts, most modern devices are more practical and offer better features than the ones with cords.

Why Cordless Tools are More Practical

The greatest benefit of cordless tools is their portability. With cordless tools, you can conveniently reach into any area or compartment and not be limited by the length of a cord. A cordless tool does not only spare you from the annoying wires, but they also prevent you from falling over entangled connection lines.

When it comes to storage, battery-powered tools are typically more compact than tools with electrical cords. They are also safer and easier to store.

More importantly, a frayed or otherwise malfunctioning power cord can be hard to fix. If a power cord doesn't work, you might even have to replace the entire tool. Cordless tools are powered by batteries that are easy to store, recharge and replace.

Drawbacks of Cordless Tools

Some cordless tools offer less power than those that can be plugged in. This is especially true when battery power is running low or when the pack is completely worn out.

Cordless tools can also be very heavy since they have battery packs attached to their handles. The extra weight can put strain on your hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders, and it can make the tools feel awkward or out of balance. At an average weight of 5 to 8 lbs., a cordless tool can be difficult to hold for extended periods of time. This can affect the quality of your work or make your project take longer to complete than it otherwise would.

However, these disadvantages may not be a problem for battery-powered tools for long. The latest generation of cordless power tools have higher capacity rechargeable batteries which can keep them working longer and at the same power output as corded ones. If you aren't ready to purchase the newest tools, you can always buy a spare battery pack so that you can charge one battery while using the other. Moreover, battery packs in the new cordless models are also lightweight, so your hands will not be overburdened.