Corian Countertop Scratch Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

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A Corian countertop is basically an acrylic-based countertop material, which is very durable and, unlike other types of countertops, scratch repair is possible. There are, however, mistakes you will want to avoid when repairing these scratches. Refer to the information below.

1. Avoid Creating Scratches

Although it might seem fairly obvious, the best protection for your countertops is to avoid creating scratches. One way is to avoid using harsh cleansers or abrasive cleaning products on your countertops.

It’s is also important that when cutting or preparing food, you use a cutting board. Knives and other food preparation utensils are usually made of steel or other metals that are likely to scratch and mark your countertop.

2. Removing Scratches

Corian is unique in that the pigment in the countertop runs all the way through the Corian. Therefore it is possible to sand or buff out scratches because the material under the surface scratch remains undamaged. This buffing is called “renewing.” When removing scratches or renewing your Corian, it is important that you use mild abrasive pads and cleansers. Using harsh pads will further damage your countertop. You can use some sandpaper on your Corian, but be sure to use only a fine grade.