Cork Floor Stain Removal Tips

Removing stains in a cork floor is not as hard as some people may think. Stain removal techniques, however, may differ depending on the type of cork used. Here are some valuable tips on removing stains on your cork flooring:

Sealed Cork Floor

Stains on a sealed cork floor can be removed in several different ways. One way is to apply soap solution created from a mixture of warm water and mild dish washing detergent. Another is to apply it with white vinegar solution. Commercial solvent-based cleaners may also be used. Once these solutions have been applied on the stained part of the floor, the stains may then be rubbed with a clean rag. The solutions are a great way to remove stubborn floor stains; however, if the stains are not that stubborn, it may be safer to use plain water instead. Constant use of the solutions, particularly those with mild detergent, may cause damage to the floor surface in the long run.

Unsealed Cork Floor

Unsealed cork floors are highly absorbent. Therefore, the use of liquid-based solutions are not advisable to be used in removing stains on them. Stains on these floors may be removed by using dry stain removal products. Erasers may also be used to buff away some of the stain marks.

A cork floor is naturally highly resistant to stain, but when stains do accumulate on its surface, remove them immediately to maintain the beauty of your cork flooring.