Corner Cupboard Access Solution: Install a Lazy Susan

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A corner cupboard can be awkward, but if you install an item like a lazy Susan you can effectively use the space and store your items in an attractive way. Having a well thought out kitchen is a great way to work more efficiently and save some space. There are many organizational tools that you can use in your kitchen to make sure that you are taking advantage of your available space more effectively.

Assess Your Available Space

To make the best use of your corner cupboard, you will have to take some measurements so that you can buy the right size lazy Susan. Even if you are making the unit on your own, you will need good measurements so that you can install the item and have it turn properly in the corner cupboard.

Remember that your lazy Susan is supposed to turn so that you have access to all of your items in a simple and efficient way. No longer will you be hunting in the back of the cabinet for that one item that you need. With this turning storage solution, you will simply spin the lazy Susan and bring what you are looking for right to the front.

Upper Cabinets and the Lazy Susan

The corner cupboard that is up above the countertop is the perfect place to keep spices and small bottles that you use frequently while cooking. Smaller bottles tend to get lost in a deep corner cupboard, but the lazy Susan will keep everything within easy reach.

The installation of this solution for the corner cupboard might require you to do a little change with the way your cupboards are arranged. Put the items that make the most sense in the corner cupboard with the lazy Susan.

Lower Cabinets and the Lazy Susan

A corner cupboard that is below the counter can also use a lazy Susan for the items that you store in these cabinets. Cleaning supplies are a wonderful item to store on this organization tool to allow you to store a number of cans and bottles of cleaning solution without losing them in the back of the cabinet. Simply install the lazy Susan in the corner cupboard and put all of your cleaning products on the turntable.

Use it for Dishes

You can also use a lazy Susan in a corner cupboard to store your coffee mugs or glassware. Many households have a number of coffee mugs jammed into a cupboard in a very unsightly fashion. The lazy Susan in the corner cupboard can put all of the mugs in a single location where you can spin to find your favorite mug in the morning.

The lazy Susan is a great organizational tool to use in your kitchen and even your bathroom. You can make great use of an awkward corner cupboard that doesn’t seem well suited to store much of anything. The organizer gives you easy access to everything that is stored in the cupboard with a simple to install tool.