Corner Desk Plans That Save Space

When making your corner desk plans, space is usually the main consideration. While you need a functional, comfortable, attractive desk, you don’t want it to take up the whole room. A carefully thought-out plan before buying can help you enjoy all the functionality of a corner desk without needing a lot of space.

Think vertical

Instead of going with a large horizontal desk, why not make use of the vertical space in your room? A narrow desk with lots of shelving and storage above and below gives you a fully functioning desk that doesn’t take up the whole room.

Expanding desk

If you really need generous surface space when working, consider an expanding corner desk. With side leafs that fold in under the main desk area when not in use, the desk offers flexibility as needed. You can fully expand the desk in both directions or just use one of the two sides.


Another type of expanding desk is the armoire. This is a great space saver, especially if your desk is going to be in a high-traffic or multiple-use room. When you are done working, everything folds back in compactly and you can close the doors of the armoire, tucking your desk and your work away. Available in many styles and wood finishes, an armoire offers the neatest and most attractive solution for a small space.