Corner Shower Enclosure: Square vs. Circular

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A corner shower enclosure is among the most affordable and easiest improvements you can get for your bathroom. You can choose a customized enclosure that will fit your exact specifications, or simply go for a ready-made kit. The most popular and widely available shower enclosure kits have square or circular structures.

Square Corner Shower Enclosure

Square corner shower enclosures are the most traditional type because they seamlessly fit in bathroom corners. A square shower enclosure has 2-walled shower stalls and can match any bathroom design or style. This type is also ideal for bathrooms that are small. Lastly, a square enclosure is very flexible, as it can accommodate different door types, including bi-fold and swing doors.

Circular Shower Enclosure

A round corner shower assembly is similar to the square variety, as it also features 2-walled stalls. The only difference is the curved front or door frame. This type is a favorite among designers or homeowners who want a warmer and more flowing bathroom design. Circular enclosures have sliding curved doors, which eliminate the need for space in front of the shower enclosure.