Corrugated vs Stamped Metal Ceiling for Your Home

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Everybody has an opinion when it comes to the materials to be used for the ceiling. Are you for a corrugated or stamped metal ceiling? Most homeowners not only consider the functionality such as improved ventilation and soundproofing from outside roof noises, but also the aesthetic values.

Corrugated Metal Ceiling

If you have no idea how this looks like, try getting a corrugated cardboard and you should see similar patterns. While there are many people who love the look of it, many others are not open to such an idea. For them, the use of gray on the ceiling is just too much. Instead of making the house look good, it will only make the place look industrial and loud. However, they can actually create good interiors when matched with the right elements.

Stamped Metal Ceiling

Installing a stamped metal ceiling is actually much like installing an ordinary metal ceiling. The main difference is that the metal has been stamped with various shapes to create an intricate design. Stamped metal ceilings can still give off the same look and feel as the corrugated metal but they add a touch of elegance and some flair to the design.