Cost Estimates for Wicker Antique Furniture

Estimating the cost of wicker antique furniture is difficult. If you are looking to restore your own wicker furniture or you're considering decorating with wicker for the first time, this guide will give you insight to the cost of restoring compared to buying antique wicker furniture.

Restoring Antique Wicker Furniture Yourself

If you're crafty and willing to restore your wicker furniture yourself, it will save you a bundle of cash. You need to buy wicker strands from a major craft store, along with other materials needed to complete. For example, to restore a wicker sofa, will cost approximately $75 for strands of reed. For a more elaborate weave, such as rattan, restoration is around $1000.

Hiring a Professional to Restore Antique Wicker Furniture

Hiring a professional restorer may best suit you. Before deciding, you must know a restorer charges $60.00 per hour plus the cost of materials. Adding the hourly rate times hours to complete will give total cost of job.

Buying Antique Wicker Furniture

Buying wicker furniture from an antique dealer can be expensive if your piece is in great condition or if restoration of the piece was necessary. The average cost of a restored piece of wicker furniture ranges from $500 up to $6000 for high-end pieces.

Which option best fits your budget and artistic abilities is the choices you must make before venturing in too far. The bottom line; to obtain, and restore antique wicker furniture is often costly, but is also rewarding.