Cost to Operate Electric vs Gas Garage Heaters

When it comes to heaters, the electric and the gas garage heaters are two of the most popular. Both of these heaters are easy to install and use at home. However, when it comes to cost of operation, the garage heater is less expensive.

Gas Garage Heaters

Although gas garage heaters cost a bit more than electric or propane heaters, a lot of people prefer to use a gas heater because it is very energy efficient. Since a gas heater uses less energy, it actually comes out as less expensive compared to other types of heaters. When hooked to the home’s natural gas line, this type of heater can run on pennies even during the dead of winter.

Gas garage heaters come in two kinds, the vented and the unvented types. The vented type is generally safer to use compared to the unvented type so if you want to use gas heaters, go for the vented type.

Electric Garage Heaters

An electric garage heater unit is generally cheaper than the gas powered unit but it is more expensive to operate than gas powered heaters. In most parts of the country, running an electric heater to keep a two-car garage can cost about 20 percent more to operate than forced air gas heater.