Cost-Saving with Imitation Brick

Imitation brick can look good enough to fool most people, at least until they’re up close to it. Some bricks are so well done that they can be exceptionally convincing. There are a number of uses for imitation brick, also known as faux brick, both inside the house and outside, even in places where you might not normally use brick.

Types Of Imitation Brick

You can buy imitation brick that comes in panels that show the sides of brick and the mortar between them. These panels fit together, and you can even buy corner pieces and trim. The panels will vary in thickness from 1/8 inch to 1 inch and are weatherproof, as well a being UV and insect resistant.

You can also buy imitation single bricks that are made from different lightweight materials. A mortar is applied to the wall and the bricks stuck individually onto this. Finally, there are brick panels where the bricks are transparent, allowing the purchaser to paint the bricks whatever color they wish.

Interior Use

A brick wall inside a house can give a rustic, country feel to a room, especially in a kitchen. However, houses don’t have real interior brick walls. Using imitation brick can give the look at a very cheap price. The weight is light, so there’s no great stress on the wall, and there’s no real maintenance involved.

If using imitation brick panel for this, the panels can be cemented in place. In some instances they can be screwed onto the wall (or possibly both methods together). With individual bricks, apply the mortar to the wall (you will need to use a special brick adhesive that resembles mortar) and press the imitation brick into it.


By using clear brick panels in a room, you can give an artistic highlight to an area. Put in the center of a wall, then paint the bricks different colors to give a focal point to the room, using it as you would a picture on the wall. It’s especially good for bringing color into rooms where children sleep.


It’s quite possible to cover your house in imitation brick to give the exterior a classy, different look. As there’s very little weight to the imitation brick panels, they’re easy to put up and cause no strain on the existing exterior. You have the look of brick without the cost and without all the work of building an entire brick house.

Brick Styles

One of the great advantages of imitation brick is that it’s available in so many different styles and colors, so you can have the brick you’d really enjoy, without being constrained by cost. Want Victorian brick on the exterior of your house? Just buy the right number of panels of it. If you want yellow brick or red brick, it doesn’t really matter, as it’s all available and is far cheaper than the real thing. The choice is vast, and ultimately, the uses for imitation brick are only restricted by the imagination.