Cottage Style Garden Fencing


When we think of a cottage it is usually a reflection of the Old English cottage with its quaint gardens and its unique style of garden fencing. The fencing is often quite low so that there is an unobstructed view of the house from the street and vice versa. It also had to show off the beautifully laid out garden and the symmetry of the cottage. 

The White Picket Fence

The white picket fence immediately springs to mind when we think of a cottage style garden fencing. Usually a low hedging is planted just on the inside of the fence. It is kept just short enough for the fence to be visible from both sides. The gate is also the same height as the fence or it sometimes has an entrance walk-through with a creeper on it (called an arbour). The more recent picket fences have been left unpainted and natural. Many of the fences have also been given a more contemporary look with an inverted top part as opposed to only the sharp points.

The Palisade Fence

Done in its specific styling and using timber, the palisade fencing can well be used as a different take on the cottage garden fence. This can be finished off with a beautiful gate. The timber palisade, because of the slatted panels, also gives an unobstructive view to the house and garden as mentioned before with the picket fence. It is also provides more security than the shorter picket fence, because of its height.

 The Wrought Iron Fence

The wrought iron fence is another style of fencing which is used quite often. This comes with beautiful metal embellishment. The gates, especially, has beautiful rod-iron embellishment which can be as fanciful or as plain as you want tit to be. These were usually used at the parish cottage.

The Panelled Fence

The panelled fence is a closely slatted fence with a gate. What distinguishes it from other cottage style fences is that it can be used for a cottage as well as a larger house and garden. With the smaller cottage fence the gate can be fitted with a lion-headed knocker which will be heard from the cottage if someone should want to enter.

The Trellis Fence

A strong trellis fence is also well suited for cottage style fencing. This again creates the openness that usually accompanies your cottage styled house. This can sometimes be left open or it can be used to allow creepers to climb up and fill the fence. This best suited material for this kind of fence is timber. The trellis idea is also to let air through as well.

The Interlocking Fence

The wrought iron interlocking fence is another style fence which usually compliments a cottage very well. This fence comes with a lovely arbour gate as well. This fencing does not require stakes. You can, however, use stakes or permanent steel poles if you want to have a stronger fence.