Cottagecore Interior Design Ideas

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You may not even recognize cottagecore as your interior design style. Even if you do, you may be wondering how to achieve the look without a complete overhaul of the space. If you’re trying to match your home interior vibe with the social media frenzy of cottagecore, we’ve got simple solutions that will transform your current elements into the romantic countryside minimalism that marks the design.

What is Cottagecore Interior Design?

Cottagecore is almost more about what it is not. It’s not contemporary or urban or techie. It’s not bustling or hectic or modern. Cottagecore is about creating a space that repels the hustle of daily life. The colors and textures of cottagecore are aimed at simplicity, minimalism without starkness, and a sense of a prior era before technology. In design terms, cottagecore encompasses a bit of romanticism, a touch of cottage, a dose of minimalism, and a shake of rustic all into one. In the end, cottagecore can be whatever you want it to be.

Design Elements

old fashioned table with flowers and clay vases on top

The interior design theme of cottagecore incorporates animals, nature, plants, and peaceful colors. The color palette revolves around creams, pale greens, muted yellows, and vintage style floral patterns.

Bring in the Plants

rustic interior design with wood furniture and potted plants

People enthralled with cottagecore are looking for a connection with nature. Nothing provides that better than plants. Place plants on every surface from the bathroom counter to the kitchen window sill. While you’re at it, plant an indoor herb garden to keep in a sunny window.

If your hands are missing a green thumb, go with a fake version for the same affect. Drape garlands across your headboard or along the curtain rod. Similarly, place stemmed flowers in a floral ceramic vase.

Wall Art

old fashioned fabric wall hanging

Selections for your walls can be inexpensive and still provide a big impact. Look for large or small tapestries with animal or flower prints to hang from the wall or mount to the ceiling. Find prints of farm animals, ferns, or mushrooms and place them in a weathered frame. Better yet, collect and press your own leaves to frame or display pine cones in a shadowbox. Then add some three-dimensional art with animal figurines on mismatched shelves.

Other Decor

baskets of pine boughs and red berries

For horizontal surfaces, decorate with pieces that speak to you about rural life. A teapot, a log holder, a quilt holder, or a basket of pinecones are welcome additions. You can put together a basic terrarium to further welcome outdoor elements into the space.

Add Some Fantasy

natural interior design with wicker chair and flowers in containers

Part of the appeal of cottagecore is that it doesn’t represent real life. Instead it romantacizes what rural life was like. Create that cottage romantic fantasy with small twinkling lights, candles, incense, and soft decor like cozy blankets and decorative pillows.

Go Natural

old fashioned kitchen with wood walls and hanging mugs

Swapping out a few items here and there can offer a completely different feel in the space. In the shower, add a natural loofah in place of a plastic one. Bring in bath salts and surround the tub with primitive candle holders and drip candles.

Use linen tablecloths and dress them up with a lace overlay. In the kitchen, build with naturally colored woods, and select floral dinnerware and add cotton curtains with dainty roses or vine patterns.

Rustic Furniture

a rustic wooden couch with comfy pillows

Create the quaint relaxing cottagecore vibe with authentically or purposely antiquated furniture. Hit up the thrift shops, Grandma’s garage, and estate sales for rustic furniture in each space. Mismatched side tables next to an aged white bed frame couple well with a quilt and a few carefully book selections like Anne of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, and Little House on the Prairie.

Paint and Wallpaper

wall tapestry featuring blossoming roses

If ever there is an interior design theme that goes well with wallpaper, cottagecore is it. Select a simple print of dainty flowers, sayings, lace, or a pattern. Having outdoor elements on the walls gives an immediate foundation to set the tone and build on.

If painting, think natural. Go with sage or moss green or try a pale yellow. Creamy white is a classic go to that provides a clean slate for accessorizing.

Remember the Outdoor Space

cozy outdoor patio space with furniture, plants, and candles

While you’re creating your cottagecore surroundings, keep the style in mind outdoors too. Create a fire pit sitting area or accessorize a porch or patio with a swing, hammock, throw pillows, and flowers. A chicken coop can also bring the connection with nature you desire.