Country Living: Decorating with White

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If you enjoy the country living design style but are now tired of the dark color schemes and heavy look, try decorating with white in a country style. Country living usually endorses the look of organized clutter using natural tones of wooden furniture, or painted furniture in dark shades of primary colors. Rooms tend to have a cluttered look to make them cozy, and often the windows are covered with heavy homespun fabric curtains. If you've been living with this look in your home, you may be tired of the heavy, closed-in feeling and are ready for a change. Perhaps your budget won't allow for a complete makeover, but with a bucket of white paint, you can update the look.

Reuse What You Have

Rather than discarding your wooden furniture, give it a new life by painting it white. Remember, however, that everything in the room doesn't have to be a stark, hard white. Like other colors, whites range from warms to cools, from flat to reflective, with undertones of yellow, gray or blue. Get paint swatches of different whites from a paint store and line them up next to each other. You'll begin to appreciate the differences.

Paint the Walls White

Painting the walls a shade of white is the biggest step to brighten and revitalize a room and give it an updated look. Paint the woodwork the same color for an eye expanding look. Most decorators feel you can't put too much white in a room, or too many shades.

Reupholster or Slipcover

Cover your furniture in white slipcovers or if your budget allows, reupholster. Keep in mind textures when using an all white color scheme to keep the rooms interesting. You can also use white sheets or large sections of white fabric you have sewn together to make throws to put over your furniture. The casual country living look is still popular using whites.