Cover an Exhaust Fan Side Vent in a Mobile Home

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-35
What You'll Need
Vent cover
L brackets
Cover carriage bolts

A mobile home might have an exhaust fan in the roof, kitchen area or bathroom area, helping to keep the air in the home fresh and clean, while channeling humidity and cooking smells outside. The one downside is that rain or cold air might sometimes find a way into the mobile home through the exhaust fan vent, and debris like leaves can start to collect in the vent as well. Roof exhaust fan vents are almost always covered, but mobile home owners sometimes forget to install covers over their side vents. In order to protect your mobile home, follow the steps below to cover your exhaust fan side vent, a relatively simple job that you should finish in under an hour.

Step 1 – Buy an Exhaust Fan Vent Cover

Choose which type of vent cover you need based on the type of exhaust fan you have. If you don’t have a high-speed fan, then you can make do with a simple vent cover that has a removable insect screen. If you do have a high-speed fan, then you’re better off with a slightly more expensive model that’s specifically adapted for that kind of fan. You can find side vent covers specifically adapted for your mobile home from camping supply stores and RV specialty stores, such as Camping World. They’re also readily available online.

Step 2 – Drill Holes in the Vent Cover

In order to install the exhaust fan vent cover, remember that you don’t need to drill a hole into the wall of your mobile home! You just need to drill holes into the side wall of the exhaust vent. For a simple vent cover, just drill 1 hole. For the high-speed vent cover, drill 2 smaller holes.

Step 3 – Assemble Bolts and L-Brackets

Before affixing the vent cover to the exhaust vent, you need to assemble the bolts properly. Assemble cover carriage bolts to the brackets and space them carefully in such a way that it will be easy to lift the vent cover in the future. Bolt the vent cover to the L brackets. This exact procedure will vary depending on the model of vent cover, so consult the manufacturer’s instructions in order to be sure.

Step 4 – Keep the Vent Cover Clean

Some vents are equipped with an insect screen, which protects your mobile home from insects like mosquitoes and flies entering through the vent. After covering your side vent, you’ll need to make sure that this screen doesn’t get too clogged with insects or other debris, which will block air from getting out of the exhaust fan. At least once a year, you’ll need to detach the screen (this is usually a simple affair consisting of snapping the screen out of place, according to the manufacturer’s instructions) and wiping it off, or even washing with soap and water if need be. Replace the screen and remember to check on it every few months.