Covered Deck Plans that Beginners Can Build

Building a deck can be accomplished by following these covered deck plans and instructions. The key to successfully building a covered deck is pre-planning, following your plans and executing your construction according to your plans.

Step 1 – Plan the Location

The first step is to plan for and determine the correct location and size for your covered deck. The location of the deck must be level, so if the ground is not level this needs to be the first task you perform.

Step 2 – Set Piers

Next, you would need to determine the number of floating foundation piers that are required. Floating foundation piers will sit on top of the ground and support the weight of the deck without requiring you to dig postholes and use cement. You need floating foundation piers at each of the corners of the deck and every 4 feet between the corners and inside of the deck.

Step 3 – Setup Base Boards

After you have set the piers for the foundation of the deck, you would need to install the baseboards or support boards for the deck. You need to use two-by-six wood planks as your baseboards. These boards will inset into the foundation piers and create a weight-bearing base for the deck. When placing the support or baseboards, remember to inset the in the opposite direction of the desired direction of the wood for your deck floor.

Step 4 – Deck Floor

Now you are ready to create the deck floor. Using the wood type of your choice, you can lay your wood planks in the opposite direction of the baseboards, resting on top of the baseboards. After placing all of your wood for your deck floor on top of your support boards, you can then go back and secure all wood with nails.

Step 5 – Cover Posts

Next, you are ready to install the posts for the deck cover. You should use 10 foot wood posts for this. You will need to secure a post at each of the corners of the deck and then again in the middle of each of the sides of the deck as well. These posts are the support for your deck cover.

Step 6 – Cover Support Boards

Next, you need to attach support boards to the posts for the deck cover. First, start by attaching a two-by-six inch board directly to your house at the height even to the top of the deck cover posts. Now, you can install a two-by-six inch boards as support boards extending from the board on the house to the end of the posts. Secure the support boards to the wood on the house and the posts as well. Repeat this step for all of the deck cover posts.

Step 7 – Install Cover Boards

Now, you are ready to install the cross boards that will cover your deck. Please two-by-six inch boards in the opposite direction from the deck cover support boards and then secure to the support boards with nails. Once all cross boards are secured, you covered deck will be finished and ready to enjoy.