Cozy Home Styling Ideas to Keep You Warm All Winter

comfy pillows and blanket by a chilly window in winter
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It's cuffing season, which means it's time to pull out those sweaters, mix up the cocoa, and bring all of the cozy vibes into your home. Cozy home styling is easier than it sounds, and it a perfect way to let your DIY skills shine.


cozy blankets on a bed in a clean room with a window

Cozy season = chunky knit blanket season. For DIY enthusiasts, this may mean pulling out the old knitting needles or buying a few skeins of chunky yarn to give arm knitting a try. If you're worried about your arms falling asleep though, or if knitting isn't your thing, you can always find a chunky knit blanket that matches your year-round decor on Etsy or at a larger retail store.

If chunky knit isn't your cozy vibe, make sure to bring in any other form of blanket that you like. Quilters, this is a great time to bring out your seasonal quilt creations. Beginning quilters, this is a great excuse to give quilting a try. And if quilts aren't your kind of cozy, we're sure your favorite home decor shop will have something warm for you to bring home.

Bring in blankets that compliment your home decor if you plan on displaying these blankets on a blanket ladder or rolling them up in a blanket basket. If your regular decor is muted, a lime green and red Christmas blanket may stick out in a bad way. Cozy home styling is all about bringing in elements that warm your home without adding chaos to your decor.


paper flowers mounted on a wall

Seasonal decor screams cozy home styling. Starting in October with Halloween, adding a few basic decor items can really bring the warmth into your home as the weather outside cools down.

There are thousands of decor style options, so make sure to pick decor that enhances the look and feel of your home as it is now. You can add little bits of decor all over the home, like tea towels on the oven, small figurines on the mantle, or a fun print in a frame on a bookshelf. If decking all of the halls isn't your style, don't. Cozy can be achieved in many ways.

A few DIY decor ideas: paper cutout bats for Halloween, preserved leaves for fall/Thanksgiving, basic greenery garlands for Christmas, and custom tin can luminaries for Hanukkah.


a woman sips a hot drink on a couch with a cat on her leg warmers

Hygge is a Danish term that has swept the world over the past few years. Hygge, pronounced Hoo-Gah, simply describes a way of living that promotes coziness and comfort. Hygee is a full way of life complete with open-faced sandwiches and time set aside to read a cozy classic. If you're interested in living this winter in full Hygge spirit, you can read The Little Book of Hygge. If you're just interested in the cozy aspect of Hygge decor, we've got you covered.

Hygge decor is simple, practical, and effortlessly cozy. One way to bring this type of cozy home decor into your home is by changing up your bedding. Whether you throw a set of flannel sheets on your bed or add some extra pillows, anything you can do to make your bedroom warm and inviting is in the Hygge spirit.

Hygee is also all about light, so consider adding another lamp to your bedroom and then adding one to the living room too. Pick a lightbulb that gives off the cozy vibes you're looking for. You can also add lots of DIY candles or light the fireplace to give off the cozy decor vibe.


plants growing on a homemade wooden shelf near a comfy chair

Bring a little bit of nature indoors to complete the cozy home styling. Add a bundle of styling logs to your hearth, decorate with real or faux fir branches, swap out some of your marble or metal decor pieces with raw-edge wooden ones. Adding nature to your home can also look like fall foliage in a vase on your table or swapping out your planters for more earth-toned ones.

If you're not interested in bringing actual fir trees inside, add an inviting nature scent to your diffuser. Take four drops of Douglas Fir oil, three drops of orange oil, and one drop of cinnamon oil to your diffuser and fill your home with a woodsy smell that instantly adds cozy to your home. It's a DIY diffuser blend that all of your friends will be asking for.

No matter how you choose to make your home styling cozy, just remember to stick with a theme, and everything will flow.