Craft Projects Under $20

hand crafted storage jar containters
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Even if you’re short on cash, there are tons of crafts you can make on the cheap that will make a positive impact on your home. Plus, you’ll have a great time making them, all for under 20 bucks!

Message Board

There are a few methods to making an affordable message board. First up, you can use the drawer of an old dresser. Paint it as you wish and line the bottom of the drawer with craft paper in a fun pattern or color.

Another option is to use a metal surface like an old cookie sheet. Clean it up thoroughly, and if you wish add some crafty touches using glue and paper. Then gather some magnets to use to hold messages on the board. This would look perfect in your kitchen!

metal roasting pan on wooden cutting board

Finally, another board that would look great in any space can be made out of a frame and wine corks. Take an empty frame and paint it if desired. Gather corks and arrange them to sit snugly in the frame, reaching all the edges. Use a glue gun to adhere them to the back. Then, collect some pins or tacks to hang messages, photos, and so on from the board.

Cans for Storage

Especially in a playroom or home office, storage is a must for small items that can make a mess. Use spray painted cans or paper-covered cans to create wall-mountable storage that's simple and cheap. Arrange these cans of different sizes in a cluster and attach them to the wall with a screw in the bottom or with heavy duty mounting tape. Use this space to store pens, pencils, scissors, and anything other items causing clutter.

Wooden Menu

Display your daily meals in style or use this piece when you host a dinner party. Take a slice of wood from a tree stump and sand it down. Top it off with a layer of chalk board paint. Use regular chalk or chalk marker to write the menu on here and lean it against the wall to make it stand. What a fun statement piece!

handmade menu boards with wooden backs and chalkboard fronts

Colorful Tablecloth

Take drab white table linens and turn them into bold statements that will impress guests. Wash your tablecloth and hang it to dry. Once it’s damp, take a large paintbrush dipped in diluted paint in your color of choice. Using sweeping motions, paint the textile. Blend different colors as you desire and you’ll soon have a colorful tablecloth.

Dressed Up Clipboard

Whether you use it for work or decor, a glammed up clipboard is a fun touch. Take a run-of-the-mill clipboard and use a hot glue gun to adorn it with rhinestones. You can add other items on it for a more quirky touch, such as buttons or fake pearls. Whatever matches your style is the way to go! If you’re going to use it as decor, line the board with coordinating craft paper and lean it against the wall to display a photo or art.

wooden clipboard with thank you card

Fun Welcome Mat

Dress up your boring old welcome mat! Take your mat and use stencils in geometric shapes to create a pattern, filling the openings with paint. Use colors that match the color scheme of your house or do something bold and bright to match your style.

DIY Bath Caddy

Everyone loves to pamper themselves, so make that easier with this simple craft. Find some scrap wood that’s long enough to go across the length of your bathtub. Sand the wood and paint is as desired and you’ll have a rustic and inexpensive caddy to put candles, a book, or a cup of tea on as you soak in the bath.

cup of hot chocolate with homemade cozy sleeve

Coffee Sleeves

Don’t burn your hands holding that hot cup of coffee as you rush off to work! Use felt adorned with ribbon and homemade tassels to make a stylish and useful coffee sleeve. Mix and match the colors for something bold to brighten up any morning.

Fancy Basket

Nice, big baskets that look nice in your home can be pretty pricey. Instead of paying that hefty price tag, make your own! Get a plastic basket from the dollar store and buy some jute cord from your local craft or hardware store. Wrap the cord around the basket so that it covers the entire thing. Just like that, you’ll have a fancy basket to use for laundry, shoes, blankets, or anything else your heart desires.

Treat Tower

Make your own tower to put treats or cheese and crackers on next time you have guests. Use old wine glasses layered with two or three plates to assemble your tower. Secure the glasses with glue or Poster Putty and you’ll have a tiered serving stand that will look fabulous.

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