Crafty Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Here are some crafty Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to please your loved one. Let’s face it, anyone can go out and buy a box of candy at the last minute (they’re usually 50 percent off). However, most people would prefer to receive gifts that show a level of effort on the gift givers behalf. A handmade gift definitely shows that some thought was put into the gift. If you really want to say "I Love You," it’s time to get in touch with your crafty side. You can still give a traditional Valentine’s gift but the crafting will personalize the gift.

Paint a Valentine’s Motif on Glass

If you are gifting flowers, consider decorating the vase with some paints. You can also apply paint two wine glasses or even candlestick holders. If necessary, you may use stencils to create your Valentine design. You may also trace a design by placing a picture that you like on the inside of the glass. Simple hand drawn graphics like hearts also work well. If at all possible, you should try creating free hand designs to give your work an artsy, handmade look. This is especially true if you have a child participate in the project. Parents love to admire their children’s artwork. Make sure that your design is not too busy. With glass, simple designs provide the best effect. 

Friendship Box

This is one that the children may help with. You can use a shoe box or even a gift box and decorate it with Valentine’s Day themed wrapping paper or construction paper. In the box, place sentimental items that celebrate your relationship such as a poem, card, or framed pictures where the frame is also a gift.


Decoupage is a great crafting project for Valentine’s Day. Decoupage involves pasting cut outs of paper or some other fabric on an object to make a design. Then you paint over the decoupage with a lacquer finish. A great decoupage craft for Valentine’s Day is a decoupage jewelry box. All you have to do is purchase a small wooden trinket box and to really jazz it up you can use two layers of broken eggshells and two coats of iridescent pearl paint to create a pearl finish. If you are giving jewelry as a gift you can put the gift inside the decoupage jewelry box.

Tissue Paper Valentine Cards

Nothing says “I Love You”, like a homemade card. If you are a poet, write a special poem for your Valentine, if not, write a heartfelt letter. For the actual card you can use construction paper or card stock, and you will actually glue the tissue paper design to the card stock. You can use red tissue paper against a white background or vice-versa. Make little heart designs with the tissue paper.

Red Bowl Candle

Candles certainly set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Pick up some inexpensive round candle holders put a small candle inside the holder and several red glass marbles around the candle. When lit, it creates a red light against the candle holder. You can use this simple idea to set your table or you can have several of the red candles to create an ambiance of romance.