Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

As much as some home owners need a crawl space vapor barrier to keep moisture from entering their homes, not all homes have conditions that will allow for these barriers. What’s more, some of these home owners are not aware of certain limitations and are therefore more likely to make mistakes in installing these moisture barriers. If you are considering installing one of these barriers, here are three common mistakes to avoid making.

Soil Sloping

Sloping the soil toward the middle of your crawl space can allow water to run to the center where it can collect, stagnate, and create more moisture.

Rain Gutters

Allowing rain gutter downspouts to leak or direct water that can drain into your crawl space is a mistake that will invite unwanted water.

Failure to Seal Plastic Sheets

Tacking your plastic sheet up against the top of your crawl space will be a waste of time and money, unless you seal the edges of the plastic. Without sealing these edges with tape, you will allow moisture to pervade the floor of your home.

Avoiding the above mistakes regarding crawl space moisture barrier insulation will make the process much easier. This will help give you time for your other DIY projects!