Crazy Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

When hosting a Christmas party, games will keep spirits high and hearts warm. Try these activities to keep your guests in the holiday mood.

Yuletide Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are popular with children and adults alike. Try this game at Christmas reunions when you gather with your friends or family under one roof. The mechanics of this game are quite simple. Hide about 20 items in different parts of the house. To promote the holiday theme, choose candy canes, ornaments, stockings, nutcrackers, etc.

Divide the players into two or more groups and provide each group with a list of the hidden treasures. The winning team is the one that finds the greatest number of items on the list.

Call Me Up, It’s Christmas!

Have the game master write two identical Christmas-themed messages, such as, “We sang Christmas carols in front of our neighbors’ doorsteps for a whole week, but they were always out of the house”, on two separate sheets of paper. Then, divide the crowd evenly into two groups and have them line up on opposite sides of the room. 

Then, show the messages to the first person in each line who must memorize the message and whisper it to the next person who passes it on until the message reaches the last person. Naturally, the last person in both groups will have to say the message out loud, at the same time. The fun comes in comparing the original message to the one received by the last person in each line. The winning team is the one in which the most accurate message reaches the last person.

Pass on the Gifts

This game is inspired by the well-known party game called “Pass the Parcel”. The rules of the game are simple: A Christmas-related item, like a Christmas star or mistletoe, is passed around to the tune of a Christmas carol. Then, someone is assigned to randomly stop the song. When the music is interrupted, the person holding the item will be offered a challenge by the group, such as completing the words to the carol. If the person is successful, he stays in the game; otherwise, he's out. The last person standing wins the game.