Create a Jungle Themed Bunk Bed

Creating a jungle themed bunk bed can be very enjoyable and a great project to spark your imagination. With a few easy techniques, you can create a fun jungle adventure for any kid, or anyone who is a kid at heart.

Necessary Supplies

  • 1 qt. Latex Glazing(clear)
  • 1 pt. Mocha Latex Enamel-low sheen
  • 1 pt. Sky Blue Latex Enamel-low sheen
  • 1 pt. Forest Green Latex Enamel-semi gloss
  • 2 pt. Leaf Green Latex Enamel-semi gloss
  • Sand paper (150 grit)
  • 1 Natural sea sponge
  • Clean 1 gal. bucket
  • Foam paint sponge (leaf shaped)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drop cloth (10 ft x 15 ft)
  • 1 Paint roller tray
  • Cheese cloth
  • Artificial greenery

    Step 1 : Preparation

      Disassemble bottom section from top section of bed and remove mattresses. Lay the drop cloth on floor where you will be performing the work and set the bed on top of it. Now, use the sand paper to to rough up surfaces to ensure good adhesion of the paint. Use your cheese cloth and wipe down the sanded surfaces to remove the sanding dust.

      Step 2: Faux Painting

      Next, we will begin the painting process. Shake the cans of paint and glazing well. Using a paint can opener or a screwdriver, open the quart of Latex Glazing. Pour 1/4 of the can into an empty 1 gallon bucket. Then, open the can of Mocha paint and pour it into the bucket, also. Mix them together and pour into the paint roller tray. Using the Natural Sea Sponge, dab some paint on it. On the slanted part of roller tray, dab to remove excess paint. Now, begin blotting paint on bottom 1/3 section of bunk bed surfaces. Don't try to keep a straight line. The object of this is to be sporadic. Once you have gotten that section done, you can wash the sponge, mixing bucket, and roller tray. Next, follow the same mixing instructions as above with the Glazing and paint, but this time use the Sky Blue color. You will be applying this on the top 1/3 section of the surfaces. You can now wash the tray, bucket and sponge again. Once again, follow the mixing instructions as the last two times, but use the 2 pints of Leaf Green and pour the other 1/2 can of glazing you have left together and stir. This time you will be applying the Leaf green to the middle section. Again, wash up your tools.

      Step 3: Foam Stamp Painting

      Next, you will be using the foam paint stamp that has the leafy pattern on it. Open up the Forest Green color and pour it into your roller tray. You do not need any Glazing. Now, dip your foam stencil carefully into the paint making sure you get most of the surface of the raised leaves covered with paint. Tap lightly to ensure even coverage of paint. Apply leaves over the top of your leaf green section. Once you have finished the leaf work, allow to dry for 24 hours.

      Step 4: Clean Up and Apply Accessories

      You are finished painting, so move the bed back to the bedroom and screw sections back together. Finally, plug in the hot glue gun  and let it get heated up. Wrap and stick down the artificial greenery around the vertical boards on the sides of the ladder.

      Hope this gives you some ideas and the possibilities of what you can do with paint. Spark your imagination up, grab a can of paint, and the sky's the limit.